Monday, November 09, 2009

Santa Fe, Bandolier, and Magdalena

Yes. That's me. with a gun. Steve Bodio showed me the basics of pointing and shooting and shooting range etiquette when I visited him and Libby in Magdalena, southern New Mexico, with Peculiar and Mrs. Peculiar. That's a "London Best" I'm holding.

in a volcanic ash cave in Bandolier.

Steve with his ....falcon. or goshawk?....oh no I'm going to be in trouble if I've named it incorrectly. damn! I watched her devour a quail in about a minute and a half. It was terrifying and bloody, and I can still hear the crunch of bird-bones in its beak. Who needs TV?

Dancing with Lee the Rancher at the Golden Spur in Magdalena. Mr. and Mrs. Peculiar and I slept that night in an RV in the Spur's parking lot. It was cozy.

Peculiar perched on the ruins....

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jack said...

What, Pythagoras doesn't even get a mention?